The purpose of this blog

I have two motivations for making this:

The structure of this blog

I don’t want this blog to be a novel. I intend to structure things as a combinations of brief narratives stringing together collections of observations and pictures. I will try to keep things moving.

How to use this blog

I’ve tried to keep it simple. I tag posts by location (like major cities or other countries). In the overflow menu on the top right, you can click one of the tagged locations to see all the posts about it.

The nerdy stuff

This blog is produced with Hugo based on the Aether theme. The blog source code is available on GitHub. It’s built and hosted with Netlify.

Comments are powered by Commento.io I migrated to Disqus because Commento doesn’t give me much control of the comment data, and Disqus lets me fetch article commment counts, receive email updates on commend threads, and more.

Zapier detects new entries to the RSS feed and formats the email body. TinyLetter manages subscribers and delivers the formatted emails.

Nanogallery2 formats the photo galleries. Pannellum formats the 360 degree view photos.

Planned features

Trouble commenting?

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