Commenting guide

Many people have told me they can’t comment lately. Here is a guide to make it easier for you

Option 1: Log in

Disqus is a common comment provider for blogs. Maybe you already have an account. You can make a new account with them or login with Google, Facebook, etc.

Option 2: Post as a guest

You have to type in you comment, fill out your name + email, and, tick the three boxes shown and prove you’re not a robot, then click the grey arrow.

example comment

I don’t have control over how tricky the guest commenting process is. I recommend just logging in.

What changed?

If you missed it, I changed comment providers. The old one was Commento, the new one is Disqus. Main motivation was to display comment counts and receive email notifications when a comment is made (so I can reply to questions).

Trouble commenting?

Click here for info on how to post and why it's been tricky lately
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